The plexiglas surface, with projectors inside the installation makes it possible to interact in 360°


With the newest HTC Vive technology, we achieve a precise tracking for an easy to use control


Through interviews from real trekking guides, the players get to know more about the daily life in the Himalaya.


Players block the way from others, not only digitally but also physically. The players can decide if they want to be considerate or not.


To stimulate the feeling of a mountaineer and the awe of an enormous mountain we decided to build a big construction, on the surface of which we project the content of the game. To give the user as much freedom as possible to move in space and on the same time make the game easy to use, we choose the HTC Vive Technology. Because of the precise position tracking, we can guarantee an accurate 360 degree interaction with all mountain sides. Furthermore, the wireless interaction improves the immersion by far, while the use of projection eliminates the side effect of the user being isolated and creates a multiplayer experience instead.


Official Selection

Immersive Pavilion Siggraph 2018

Official Selection

Fantoche 2019


FMX 2019

Tendi owns a travelagency and works more than 20 years in the tourism field. He is married, has two children and explains how to bring the best trekking experience to clients, even if they're not able to trek.

Tendi Sherpa (45)

Anup started to be a city guide and talks about his experiences as a trekking guide. 

Anup Adhikari (27)

Sushant started his new travelagency "Random Adventures" and explains the differences between "Quality and Quantity Tourism". 

Shushant Dahal (28)

Sareena is a single mom with two children and talks about her job as "female trekking guide". She adresses the media for being more educative for tourists, so that the Himalaya doesn't look like a walk in a parc.

Sareena Rai (43)


Direction & Code Christian Greitmann
Art Direction Martin Kögel
Producer Dimosthenis Gkantzos
Sounddesign Patrick Kuhn Botelho
Animation Maike Koller
Nora Back
Set Design Benjamin Maier
Set Design Assistance Arne Hain
Interviewer Tobias Volz

Pradeep Gurung
DOP Sebastian Ingenfeld
Schnitt Alex Schuster
Musik Benedikt Immerz
Andreas Skandy
Add. Programming Julian Oberbeck
Add. SFX Elias Kremer
Dialogue Editor Raquel Caro Nuñez
Interviews Tendi Sherpa

Anup Adhikari
Shushant Dahal
Sareena Rai

Produced as part of the subject area Interactive Media at the Animationsinstitut of Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg as part of their VR NOW Initiative.

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